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Which level of automation will you join at?


Ultimately the character of your production process will determine which automation solution is the best for your organisation to achieve the most return. The Cellro automation solutions are sub-divided into five levels. Each level is slightly more extensive in respect to the actions the robot performs and the degree of interaction he has with the materials and tools, additionally the intelligence of the control system increases at every level. Generally speaking the automation level increases as the series size becomes smaller and the manned work diminishes.

At automation level 1 the robot supports the man behind the machine, as the levels increase the robot needs less and less attention to be able to work. At automation level 5 the robot functions largely autonomously. Cellro has an extensive assortment of robot cells in each automation level which automatically guarantee you more return.

At which automation level does your production process achieve the most return? Contact our sales engineers, together you can decide the correct automation strategy for your company.

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